What We Do


The Loggerhead Aquatics Booster Club is all about supporting our local swim club!  We believe that Loggerhead Aquatics can be the premier swim club in Northeast Florida, and every effort that we will undertake or support will be to help the club achieve that status.  

Detailed below are just some of the activites that we will engage in to help provide support to Loggerhead Aquatics:

Special Events:  To assist with social events such as annual awards banquet, parties, etc.

Scholarships:  To provide college scholarships to graduating Senior swimmers to recognize their contributions to education & our sport

Fundraising:  To subsidize meet and travel costs for national level athletes, contribute to strategic facility improvements, etc.

Team Support:  To provide needed tools, training equipment and/or and other equipment to team

Strategic Support:  To partner with Coaching staff on development and implementation of long-term growth strategy for team

Operational Support:  To support Loggerhead Parent Advisory Committee and Coaching Staff in swim team and meet operations